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    Slingbox PRO HD works fine with SLingPlayer Mobile but not on slingbox.con




      I have a SlingBox PRO HD that I have not used for about 10 months due to a connection problem. Now recently, the problem got solved and after a power cycle the SlingBox came back with two red lights, indicating that it had network.


      I check it by launching my SlingPlayer mobile application that has been updated. It connected just fine. Both on the local LAN and also from the internet (i.e. outside the local LAN).


      Now, wanting to watch the SlingBox from my remote location, I find that neither my SlingCatcher nor slingbox.com wants to connect to the SlingBox. My SlingPlayer mobile app still connects just fine. I just cannot se what can be the problem apart from administrative changes in slingbox.com since I used it last.


      When logged on slingbox.com, I try to get information on my slingbox, it says that last connection is just now and it is configured correctely.


      There has been no configuration changes to my slingbox during these 10 months.


      My question is now: What do I have to do to be able to


      1) Watch my slingbox on my SlingCatcher like I have been doing without any problem 10 months ago and

      2) Watch my slingbox via the website viewer on slingbox.com when logged in, like I also have been doing without problems 10 months ago.


      Cheers, Jacob.