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    Slingplayer for Roku


      Slingplayer for roku seems like a really simple concept.

      but this guys have fallen flat on there face.

      the slingplayer for roku is really just a portal for slingplayer on iphone or android to stream to which suck if you phone goes to sleep. you loss the stream. this also means the wireless signal goes to phone first then to roku. who wrote this app????

      why does it not just work like slingplayer on my computer or phone or ipad. why is it just a portal or window for the phone to play to

      Roku is suppose to be a better device then that. this app make the roku look week and useless.



      Who ever wrote this app please fix it and make it work correctly.


      Thank you.

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          Zbonomo12 Novice

          Hello esmclean,
          Thank you for utilizing our online answer forums. We apologize that you are experiencing the drawbacks of the Slingplayer for Roku application setup. To better get the issue addressed and looked at I have moved your post to our enhancement request section.

          Hope this helps


          Best regards,
          Sling Media Moderation Team.

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              Can you please let us know how the rest of the Sling Team intends to respond to this failure?  Based on the user responses in this forum, your customers are very disappointed with your Roku "solution".  I purchased a Roku specifically for this feature - what a waste!  Not to mention the fact that some people don't want to use Wi-Fi with slingbox to ensure the highest quality viewing experience (especially if they have poor coverage or live in a densely-populated building with considerable radio interference).  This "app" makes so many assumptions:


              1. You have an Apple or Android smart device

              2. You purchased the SlingPlayer application on that device

              3. You have a good/consistent Wifi signal to use

              4. You don't mind using a touchscreen as a remote/guide

              5. You aren't going to do ANYTHING else with your smart device while watching slingbox.  (what if the phone rings, HAH!)


              This is a joke.  Please, please, please respond (and I wouldn't mind if you happened to let slip that you intend to release a proper, stand-alone Roku channel that is more in-line with the GoogleTV/WDTV Live solutions that have existed for YEARS). 

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                  I am in the same boat, only I bought the Slingbox to send my cable TV source to my Rokus other rooms. The iPad and iPhones were bonuses although it's another $30 to use both. I really hope this gets addressed. Using a phone as an "intermediary" device is silly.

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                  I have to agree witht he other complaintants. This is a terrible solution.  Ican only hope it was done as a short term stop gap measure just as a marketing check point item. (it was still an awful idea, but at least in that context it makes sense).


                  Please let us simply view our slingboxes on the roku as we expect to. It would be a huge boost for your product.

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                  I was really dissapointed when I downloaded this app from Roku. First of all I have a Windows 8.1 phone and the app won't work with it. Then seeing the primitive way it works, going through a smartphone, when the Roku Box and Slingbox are on the same network. Then finding out that it won't work on my hard wired gigibit network. Please rework this app. Great idea but not very practical.

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                    I can't even get the **** app to work on my Roku.

                    So far, can only watch on my phone and computer but not Roku.

                    I'm not fussed with using my WiFi connection on the phone but god ****, at least make the applicaiton work for a start.

                    I've fiddled with settings in my phone app, have restarted my phone and internet and I still cannot get it to play via roku, it justs sits there on the phone with "Switching to roku...." for ages.

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                      However I feel so strongly about this useless app that I really must post it here as well in order to get the maximum pressure on Sling Media and Roku.



                      I agree.  The Roku Slingbox player is utterly useless unless yo have an Android phone or an iPhone.  I wish to wasth TV without using my phone to do so.  Why would I have a TV if I wanted to watch on a phone?  This is a ridiculous solution for most Roku users.  I can see the logic of Roku and Slingbox here.  They put out a free Roku app and then force you to buy an Android app.  Weel, they can keep theri money because all I did was to go out and buy a WD TV Live box wich does exactly what I need.


                      I can see the usefulness of having the ability to use the phone if, for instance, you are at a hotel and you have your Roku with you and you connectt it to the hotel's TV and then use their free WiFi to watch you own cable TV from your own Slingbox.  Honestly, how many people are going to do that?


                      Please Roku/Slingbox put out an app that works like every other Roku app and uses the LAN to connect to the Slingbox.  By all means keep the phone option, it's a neat option but, that's all it is, an option.  The real connecttion needs to come via my home LAN.


                      Why am I posting this having already bough a WD TV Live box?  It's simple, my wife understands the simple user interface of the Roku.