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    Remote Control--Most buttons stopped working!



        Love my 350. I live in Thailand and my box is in Seattle. Until a few hours ago, the remote worked well. Then all of a sudden, I cannot change channels. The Guide button seems to work (although slowly). The Internet speed is fine here and the TV picture is clear. I did not do any updates or changes to the Slingbox over the past 24 hours so I'm not sure what happened (it is the same problem on my IPAD Sling Player as well). I have a MAC, by the way. Is there a way to fix this remotely (as the box is in a location that is not being monitored by a real LIVE person for a few weeks). Thank you and regards!! Gary

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          Hello thinksmall,
               Thank you for utilizing our online answer forums. We apologize that you are experiencing an issue with your remote control not working as expected. I would like to let you know most of the trouble shooting for the issue, is done physically at the Slingbox location. However there is a step we can try first that may yield in a working remote. I suggest going into the Slingbox settings on your Mac computer, and try and reconfigure your remote control. If you do this and are not able to get the remote working again. The Next thing is to have someone at the from the Slingbox location contact us, This is so we can assist them in getting your Slingbox 350 working  properly again. Below is a link that will walk you through how to reconfigure your remote control as well as the contact information for our Voice and Chat Agents.


          As promised here are those links:



          Hope this helps


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