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    turns off during setup


      Sp500, connected to Xfinity X1 and ether net to router. Turns off during setup. Was once able to get to remote setup, failed. Multiple power pulls, also reset button.

      Help please!

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          Zbonomo12 Novice

          Hello danrh13,
               Thank you for utilizing our online answer forums. We apologize that you are experiencing this issue of the Slingbox 500 powering down while trying to do the setup. From the information you have provided it sounds like the unit is not maintaining a constant power connection. The first thing I suggest to try is if your using a power strip or surge protector, is to plug the Slingbox directly into a wall outlet to insure a constant, unregulated flow of power. If you have done this, and the same issue is still occurring, then I would recommend you to contact our over the phone support, so we can look into a possible internal Slingbox issue. Below is a link to our contact information.


          As promised here is that link:


          Hope this helps


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