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    Indicator light in Directory


      I have 2 slingboxes on my account.  One is a slingbox solo and the other is a pro hd.  They are on differnet sources at different locations.  The pro hd is on a Directv HD receiver and the solo is on a comcast non hd a account.  When I load the directory the Pro HD shows a yellow indicator and the Solo is green.  I prefer the HD for football since it is much better quality.  I assume it is an idicator of the total bandwidth of the connection and slingbox.  What is it really telling me and how can I make my Pro HD green?

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          Hello scmexico,


          Thanks for using the answers forums. The colored lights next to your Slingboxes in the directory tell you about the status of your Slingbox. A green light means that it is configured and ready, a red light means it is being used, and a yellow/orange light means that the Slingbox is not configured and needs to be be set up.  You can use the website setup.slingbox.com in the location of the Slingbox PRO-HD to set it back up.


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