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    Few issues


      Recently upgraded to the 350 from the AV I had. Quality is pretty amazing, but I do miss the Windows app. I do have a few issues, however:


      1. There is a noticable audio lag. The audio comes after the movement of lips, and it really bugs me, is there a fix for this?


      2. I have a Roku 2XS and the Slingplayer won't work no matter what I do. I have the 350 setup at a  friend's house (I have guest access). When I click the Roku icon and  select my Roku, it gets stuck on "Switching to Roku" and never does  anything. Roku on the TV will go to the Slingplayer app, but nothing is  broadcasted.


      3. Controlling is a little slow and pasuses the streaming. After about 3 seconds, it'll do the action. Is this standard?


      Any help would be much appreciated!

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          tricia.sling Newbie

          Hello Kareem,


          We are happy to hear that you upgraded to the Slingbox 350. Thank you for posting to the forums.  I am sorry you have so many concerns.  In regards to your first concern. the audio video sync issue, I would suggest that you check out the following article and see if that helps.


          In regards to the second issue, check out this article, it may help with the Roku.





          Then the last issue you are having in regards to the controlling, which I believe you are meaning the virtual remote. There is a delay from the time you push the buttons and the time in which the selected function occurs on the video displayed on your Slingbox. If you do not already have the external IR emitter plugged in, then you may want to plug that in and see if that helps the delay time.


          Hope this helps. Happy New Year.

          The Sling Moderation Team