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    Permanent traveler... Permanent Sling Box user


      Hi everyone and happy hollidays.

      While traveling abroad (out of US) I depend on my sling box to wacht my home TV.

      After 4 months with the device working perfect, now I am only receiveing the audio (not the video) and in the screen I read the following legend:


      "HDMI Error. Unable to display video. (H1001-HDCP not supported on this display)"


      I call my sister and she unplug and plug in everything, power cables, hdmi cables... When they shut down the tv the legend appears.


      Can anybody Help me on this?






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          alanrichey42 Master

          Sounds like your TV provider has done a firmware update to your set top box to implement HDCP.   That will normally disable any HD ouput from your box except the main HDMI one.   You don't say how you have your box wired up, but I am guessing your have HDMI to your TV and you are using the component output to drive the Slingbox ?   In that case the usual soluiton is to unplug the HDMI lead completely and then drive the TV from the Component Video OUT plugs on the Slingbox.