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    Changing channels using SlingPlayer Mobile on iPod Touch.


      I have a Slingbox Pro controling a Directv DVR reciever.  Slingplayer on my PC works flawlessly, remotely and at home.  My Mac at home also works flawlessly.  This setup has been in use since 2008.  I recently purchased an iPod Touch and the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone/iTouch app.  When I change a channel, using Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone/iTouch, I have problems.


      When I change to a channel with more than 2 digits, it will leave off the second (middle) digit.  Example tuning channel "206" will result in channel "26".


      1. If i adjust the remote blaster firing speed in the setup widard, which way should I go? Faster or slower?

      2. If my other computers change channels properly, what makes the iPhone/iTouch Player fail?