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    Password on setup


      I'm trying to do a new setup but when I get to the password, I'm not sure what it's looking for--nothing seems to work.  What name should be in the ID and what password is it looking for?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello lgilinsky,


          In order to provide you with information to assist you with the setup, we would need to know what kind of Slingbox you are trying to setup as well as what device you are trying to run the setup on.



          Awaiting your response,

          Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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              I am having the same problem.I am trying to set up a slingbox solo and the registration process is asking for a 32 character slingbox ID.The only ID I can find is the 12 character serial number on the bottom.

              Where do I get the ID?


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                  katie.sling Apprentice

                  Hi Petergray1,


                  Thank you for using our answers forums. Sorry to hear you are having issues setting up your Slingbox. The Slingbox ID is not actually available until the Slingbox is set up. You don't actually need the number for the setup. As long as you are going to setup.slingbox.com using a supported computer with operating system or browser, it should not prompt you for this number.  Please see the article below for a list of supported browsers and operating systems.



                  Hope this helps!

                  The Sling Moderation Team

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                      I was trying to set up the slingbox on my iPad which has the Apple IOS 7.04 operating system.

                      I have also purchased the slingbox for  iPad app.

                      If I can't set it up on the iPad I have a desktop with Windows 7.Can I set it up on that but then access it when abroad using my iPad and do I need to buy an app for the desktop?


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                          anthony.sling Apprentice

                          Hey Petergray1,


                          To do the initial setup, you would need to be using a computer. Sorry, but the iPad will not work. To configure the Slingbox SOLO, you would just go to setup.slingbox.com and go through the steps that appear on the page.


                          Best Regards,

                          Sling Media Moderation Team