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    Windows 8 app Remote Control not working


      You are chatting with Stan.

      Sling Media Support

      11:48 AM  Support session established with Stan.


      11:48 AM   Stan: 
      Thank you for contacting Sling Media Technical Support. My name is Stan. What model Slingbox is this session in regards to today?

      11:48 AM   Jason:  350

      11:48 AM   Stan: 
      And what seems to be the issue today?

      11:49 AM   Jason: 
      Works fine on browser iPad and android devices

      11:49 AM   Jason: 
      Bought the new windows 8 version and streaming works fine

      11:50 AM   Jason: 
      But the remote controls are not correct and don't work for the remote I have entered

      11:50 AM   Stan: 
      But the remote works elsewhere?

      11:50 AM   Jason: 

      11:51 AM   Jason: 
      My slinbox is in Japan and it uses a special USB-ir remote on the ps3

      11:51 AM   Jason: 
      The remote is the cyber gadget and is in the database

      11:52 AM   Jason: 
      So, the codes and everything works, buton the windows 8 version, the remote graphic is wrong and the buttons are mostly grayed out

      11:52 AM   Stan: 
      The only thing I have for this would be to delete and reinstall the app. Other than that, you would want to post this to our Answers.Slingbox.com forum so that our engineers can look at that remote.

      11:53 AM   Jason: 
      Just hoping someone will get it updated with the correct remote in the next update of the software

      11:53 AM   Stan: 
      Yea, that is something you would need to request on answers.slingbox.com.

      11:53 AM   Jason: 
      I see. Okay, ill head over there then. Thanks.

        • Re: Windows 8 app Remote Control not working

          I am having the same issue - the Slingplayer app remote works through the browser on watch.slingbox.com, and also works on the Windows Phone, iPad, and Android apps.


          It just does not work on the Windows 8 app.


          My setup -


          Slingbox 350

          Dish Hopper

          Windows 8.1 Slingplayer app


          Since support is not helping, and just tells us to post the question here, not sure what to do next.


          For $14.99 it's a pretty expensive app for a remote that does not work.


          No wonder the Windows 8 Slingplayer app only has 2.5 starts in the store



          Come on Dish and Sling, get your act together and improve the Windows 8 app!

            • Re: Windows 8 app Remote Control not working

              Update: here's something that worked for me -


              1. Close the Windows 8 Slingplayer app.

              2. Uninstall the app

              3. Close the Windows Store

              4. Re-install the app


              Now when I run the app, the remote works.


              The interface and features are still lacking compared to other Slingplayer apps.


              One example: don't throw me to the guide when the app first starts - show my Slingboxes so I can just connect and watch my shows.

              Instead the Slingboxes are burried under the settings > options > devices.


              Please hire a designer who understands Windows 8 apps and UI in general and update this app.