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    Comcast or Sling throttling my slingbox stream?


      Hello Slingboxers,


      Here is my question/problem:

      Till Sunday (12/05/2013) my Sling was working fantastic (2,500Kbps - HD Quality) for the past 1.5 years, during all day long. Then, there was a Comcast service interruption on Sunday night (Naperville, IL) and when everything got resolved on Monday, my speed dropped like a rock. I can’t get more than 250Kbps during peak hours.

      Early in the morning (7-8 a.m.) everything is fine and I can watch with 2,500. At lunch time things starts slowing down and at 6p.m. I can barely connect with 250Kbps.

      And it doesn't matter on which device (Boxee, PC, ipad).


      Of course there was several connecting/disconnecting, turning on/off cable modems, routers, everything you can think of.


      When I VPN to my work machine (different ISP provider) I still get the previous high speed 2,500k, at the same time when at home comcast it’s 250Kbps.

      So, is it possible Comcast to throttle me? I thought Comcast got sued and they are not supposed to do that anymore.


      I called comcast customer service several times and they told me since my Speed test is fine, everything is fine.


      My slingbox is setup in Bulgaria and there is a constat lightspeed internet, with over 15mb upload and 60mb download speed.

      I did try setting the port to 443, but that didn't do anything either.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.