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    Missing channels


      I just purchased and set up a Slingbox 500. I am using it with a Motorola set top box from Charter cable.  The app seems to working perfectly on my Ipad 3, but only the first 99 channels are showing up.  Why aren't the higher channels such as The Golf Channel (823) showing up?  Also, I have both the composite and HDMI cables connected.  But, the HDMI input is shown as not configured.  What do I need to do?  Thanks.


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          Cauchon Novice

          Hi Rdale1942,


          I believe the fix for this will be the select "Charter Communications - Digital (non-rebuild)" as your TV Service (instead of "Charter Communications - Cable").


          The cable listing only has 99 channels, while the digital listing has the full listing of Charter channels.


          To change this from the Slingbox 500 TV user interface, select Settings > Inputs > Reconfigure.


          Hope this helps and glad to hear everything else is working perfectly.




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              I actually realized that this might be the problem and went back and selected the digital version.  Somehow, in this process, I wound up losing the on-screen channel guide.  However, all is not lost.  I can select the icon of the remote control, and use this to access all of the channels.  A little clunky, but, hey, it works.  Thank you for your help.


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