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    What location to select in the UK


      I am trying to set my Slingbox 500 up here in England. The only options I have available under Location, are USA and Canada. Does anyone know what I need to type in this field to enable me tomcontinue with the setup?


      Thanks in anticipation

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          alanrichey42 Master

          USA and then a valid ZIP code  (I use 90210, Beverly Hills, I can always dream )


          This selection is ONLY so you get the correct program guide, and as that is not available in the UK anyway that page is irrelevant.


          I have suggested many times to Sling that they put a 3rd option in the Menu called 'Other', which then skips the next few screens, and then the 350/500 would be usable worldwide.   But they are so fixated on the American market they don't seem to care.