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    Slingbox 350 full compatibility with TiVo Premiere?


      Good Morning All,


      I just bought a slingbox 350 and I am considering purchasing a TiVo Premiere (I don't like the clunky interface on the Comcast set top box and I want the DVR capability).  I also want to take advantage of TiVo’s current promotion for a $50 TiVo Premiere box + their subscription.  https://www.tivo.com/shop/promo/holiday2013


      I have done some searching on the forums here and can't find anything to specifically confirm or deny my question.  I contacted the TiVo support on their chat service and they stated that their TiVo Premiere can't be used with the slingbox, but I don't think he was very knowledgeable.  For some reason the Slingbox support chat fails to load…  I have seem some forum posts on this slingbox forum that seem to indicate the older slingbox series had remote issues for the TiVo line.


      Has anyone had experience with or knows for sure if the Slingbox 350 will properly stream and control the component output of a Tivo Premiere with the 2 tuners over to an ipad/iphone?