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    Coaxial Splitter and slow bit rates


      Hey All,


      I have recently bought an extra cable box that I have hooked my sling 350 to at my parents. The setup is like this. The coaxial cable line comes in, It is split, one going to the modem, the other going to the cable box. The Sling box is jacked in via a direct line into my router. I live up in New Hampshire, my parents live in Rhode Island. I just got up to NH, all excited to test out the sling and I can't get a bit rate higher than 128Kbps, which is stuttering BS. I connected to it through my phone on a 4G network in RI and tested it out on an upstairs TV by tethering my laptop to it. Worked fine. This is extremely dissapointing. Any thoughts as to why this is happening?