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    Loss of signal between program scenes and commercials


      Ref: Slingbox 500




      I have a problem both when watching my television, and watching via sling media connecting remotely.

      Video and audio quality is excellent, but it seems that whenever there is a break in the programming from scene to scene or when the program changes to a commercial the screen goes black and in the top right corner of my television appears component video 1080i with a little icon that appears to be the slingbox with a number 5 on it. This occurs more during commercial breaks than during a program scene changes, but is a real distraction to normal viewing.


      My slingbox 500 is hard wired to my router and all other connections are configured exactly a prescribed in the initial installation instructions.


      I also believe that the hdmi cable that was installed initially is not being utilized and I'm not sure if this is a correct configuration or not.


      I browsed through the entire blog discussion topics to see if this is being experienced by other 500 users and didn't find anything that is the same as I am experiencing.


      Please any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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          Zbonomo12 Novice

          Hello ACC5685651,
          Thank you for utilizing our online answer forums. We apologize that you are experiencing a black screen when your cable box is changing from programming to a commercial. In order for us to determine what is causing this issue, we suggest you connect your cable box directly to your TV with the Same component cables you are using to connect the Slingbox to the Cable box and see if the same thing happens. If the same thing occurs then we suggest you contact your cable provider.

          Hope this helps


          Best regards,
          Sling Media Moderation Team.

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              Hello Moderator,


              as a computer electronics engineer, I of course before posting, or asking for help did the process of elimination trying to isolate the problem. Based on several other people that have contacted me directly after reading my post this is a known problem in your software and has been since the release of the slingbox 500. As also being a owner of a software firm for over 15 years developing one of the most robust online gaming platforms used by millions today. I will tell you exactly where your problem lies. It's in the data packet sent from the cable box to the slingbox. There between some scenes and during commercial breaks millisecond delays in data packets being received thereby the slingbox sees this as the cable box has been turned off or lost signal consequently putting the slingbox in sleep mode or power save depending on your software's architecture. A simple tweak in the software to send keep alive packets could be one solution though I'm not privy to your technology utilized for communication delivery and receiving, and this also could be a unique problem isolated to Uverse utilizing Cisco cable boxes. I can tell you this at&t is gaining ground and this problem will be popping up more frequently than sling media may anticipate.


              Thanks for your reply though not prompt or on point at least after a month someone other than others experiencing the same problem you replied...