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    Android Tablets and Roku


      Will Roku make the Slingplayer for Android tablets compatible with the Roku?


      Currently only the Slingplayer for Android phones will work with Roku. I recently bought the Slingplayer and 2 Roku's and see issues with the Slingplayer dropping signal when I receive a phone call and a tablet will usually stay at the house for others to watch TV where my phone is going to be traveling with me.  Obviously, it would be easier to see the remote too on my tablet than my phone which would make for easier use.  If this is not in the works, I will be returning all 3 products.

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          I find myself in the same boat.  I purchased the Slingbox 350, Roku 2, and Sling player for tablet with advertised functianility of roku and slingbox in mind.  Now that I had all the elements in place and tried to make the promised functonality work do I find the very well hidden caviaot that the slingplayer for PHONES is the only supported app to make this happen.  I find that Sling not clearly stating this to be misleading to their customers, even if this is a short terms situation while they finish app upgrades for the tablet version (which I certainly hope is the case).


          Please at the very least put a clear device cabitiblity notice (Slingplayer for PHONE ONLY) on your Roku / Slingbox advertising.


          When shall we expect to see Roku suport on the tablet slingplayer apps?

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            I loaded the android phone app onto my Nexus 7 tablet and it seems to be working, at least for the last couple days. I have not experienced any problems yet, but have not had it installed long enough to say that it works 100%.  good luck.

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              Glad I found this thread.  The marketing materials are very misleading about the fact that Android Tablet App does not support Roku - only the phone app does.  I spent a lot of time thinking that I was doing something wrong.  Had I known this was the case I would not have purchased the $15 tablet app. Sure, using the phone app is an option, but at this point I'm not about to drop another $15.

              I'm hoping that there is just a delay in updating the Tablet app.


              Roku can you chime in?  I bet there are more than a few people out there who thought that they would be using their slingbox, android tablet, and roku together this Christmas.



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                  I originally downloaded the Slingplayer for Android Phones app on my phone.  Through my Google Play account, I decided to install that app on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy 3) which cost me no additional money to see what happened.  It worked just fine on my tablet even though it says it is for phone.  Give it a try.  Note, I also tried to load this on my moms Kindle Fire tablet but Kindle must have a different app store as it wouldn’t load onto that.

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                  I have a Samsung Galaxy tab with the Slingbox app for tablets installed. I too was disappointed to find it did not work with my new roku.

                  I installed the android phone app on my tablet and everything seemed to work fine, including the roku option. I since uninstalled within my trail period as I am to cheap to pay for two apps. Hopefully there will be an update for the tablet app. I guess what I would do if I didn't already have a tablet app is just buy the phone app for my tablet so the roku option would work.

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                    The same problem just happenend to me. I bought a Nexus 7 and the Sling app with the primary purpose of slinging to my Roku. After time spent trying to get the app to work, then learning from customer service that this isn't a function, I missed the 15 minute refund window from the Google Play store. I would love to hear from the Slingbox team regarding this issue. Very dissapointed that this happened. As another commenter pointed out, if plans to include Roku are not in the works, there should be a prominent acknowledgement regarding their incompatibility.

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                        vangaprasad Novice

                        Hi All,


                        Android Tablet app with ROKU functionality isn't implemented. Will keep you all posted once it's implemented. Thank you for your interest.



                        Sling Moderation Team.

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                            When will it be implemented?

                            I just got an android tablet and had to qucikly cancel order but the company didn't act quick enough and it just got delivered lol.

                            Will you make that possible very soon?

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                              I'm replying so as to get emailed when there are new postings.  


                              I hope that soon the Slingbox app on my Samsung tablet will let me use the slingbox app installed on my Roku.


                              When I try to use the Roku app, it is clear something "notices" whether the tablet is connected to my slingbox Solo (the way the ad and info works).  But there's nothing to connect to on the Roku.   So, it seems it might be possible in the future.  It would be SO GREAT to share on the TV instead of the tablet.



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                                  Hopefully I am not muddying the waters here...I have been using my friends Sling to see if I want to purchase one on my own so I am no expert.


                                  But...If I am reading this thread correct the slingplayer for android phone app runs fine on an Android tablet and you should be able to "interface" with the Roku like this.  Now if you purchased the slingplayer for tablet and didnt purchase the sling for Android phone app I can see how you would be frustrated...



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                                  On January 17th, 2014 vangaprasad said: "once it's implemented"




                                  As many others have indicated, to release any app on the Android platform "typically" means that all described features in that app are going to be availiable across all devices. After reading all the android\roku headlines many of us (totally deperate for an actual working connected device) excitedly clammoured to the playstore and purchased this app with our Rokus soley in mind only to read the fine print and left holding the bag with an VERY expensive app thats probably not being used...


                                  "Once its  implemented" sounds to me like it's in developement right? Thats  great news if thats the case, any chance you could toss us some  additional scraps of insight like a rough ETA?



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                                      Yes, Please, Slingbox friends, please give us an update. Are waiting eagerly for something that isn't going to happen, ever?


                                      Could you give us a probability percentage and calendar quarter?  Or are you designing a different approach, like a real Roku app, and when might that come out?


                                      I would love it if there were a Roku solution.  But now I would like to know whether I must buy a kludge HDMI adapter for my tablet if I want to view my Slingbox on a television in the foreseeable future.  I have an Android tablet but not phone, and have no plans to purchase such a phone.



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                                      When can we expect roku stream support on android tablets? I purchased my sling box, a TV, and generator for tailgating at my local MLB games. I have a lot of money invested under the premise that I would be able to complete the task (watching live TV at the tailgate). I utilize my android cell phone as a mobile hotspot and assumed I would be able to connect my roku streaming stick to the hotspot and be good to go. But no, the roku streaming capability utilizes WiFi to stream sling box content to the roku. With the hotspot enabled on my phone the WiFi connection is forced to be off thus screwing me out of my tailgating fun. The simple solution would be to place the magical little roku stream button (as seen on the android cell phone app) on the android tablet app. This would allow me to keep my cellphone separate using it only as the hotspot and connect both the tablet and roku to the same hotspot WiFi network. Simple right... I'm sure this is easier said than done but maybe you can deligate the $230 (slinbox 350, tablet app, and phone app) I have given to "sling box the company" to hire a specialist to figure this out. Thanks and save my tailgate!

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                                        I just purchased the Slingbox App for my Android tablet, and discovered that Slingbox mis-lead me thinking I can use the Roku streaming feature as advertivsed.  I hope in the VERY near future this update is done with a free upgrade so I can use this function.  PLEASE keep us informed when this upgrade and update is available so I can use my app as it was advertised.

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                                          Hey, Sling Moderation Team, how's about just a smidgen more information than that, for us humble proles (otherwise known as your paying customers - and future ones here looking and considering purchase like me), eh?