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    Testing Internet connection issue


      HI all - After scanning the forums, I haven't seen a problem described quite like mine:


      I am on CenturyLink DSL and diirectly connected to the primary router.


      I am using an IMAC 10.7.5, build 11G63.


      I do the recommended power on or the router and Slingbox ProHD. The power light is solid and Internet light is flashing.


      When Setup detects my Slingbox on the network, I get to reset my password, Once I do that, I run thru all the steps to get DirecTV set up (I can see my signal on the home network) and remote configured.


      I then go to Testing Internet viewing, the progress bar goes to 80% and then dies because of a poor Internet connection. I have seen this problem in the past.  When (after Slingbox software updates and etc.) I have successfully configured Internet viewing. I actually get errors reported as the software works to test the Internet viewing. In fact, I know I can finish the configuration successfully when I see these error messages!


      My Slingbox is well out of warranty and I really don't want to pay $30 for support. I did a web chat with support and they gave me the following articles, which did not help:










      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance, Bernie

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          Bumping this up to see if someone can help....

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              Zbonomo12 Novice

              Hello bernieol,


                   Thank you for utilizing our Slingbox answer forums. We are sorry for the problem you are having with the Slingbox PRO-HD and not being able to complete the Internet Viewing test. Based off the information you provided, at 80% the Slingbox is restarting and if you are getting the message that the Slingbox was disconnected do to a poor Internet connection that means the unit was not able to come with a network connection fast enough. When this issue is occurring, if your Slingbox is not hardwired directly to the router I would try hardwiring the Slingbox to router. If you are hardwired to the router with your Slingbox, and your computer is wireless to the router, try hardwiring the computer to the router as well.

              I would also like to provide you with the article below. This article will help you with finding out what is causing the issue:


              Best Regards,
              Sling Media Moderation Team