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    Where can I get a spare charger for Slingbox HD Pro




      How can I buy a new charger for the Slingbox HD Pro ?  My slingbox had not been working recently.  I have bought a new one and tried to get it connected.  But it has the same symptom as the old one.  Then I realized that I was using the old charger even when I set up my new Slingbox.  However when I changed to the new charger that came with the new Slingbox, everything works.  Even the old Slingbox when used with the new charger, it works.


      Now I have 2 set of Slingbox, one good charger and one charger that doesnt seem to work (in fact, the power light is healthy, and every thing seem to be healthy except that the network light never came up.)   I would like to buy a new charger to make both of my Slingbox working.


      Please advise.