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    Full screen on external monitor


      I have my MacBook Pro (OSX Mavericks) connected via HDMI to an external monitor (actually, a TV).  I would like to display Slingbox on the external monitor full screen (double click the video window) with the displays extended (not mirrored) so that I can work on the laptop screen while the external screen continues full screen.


      I can go full screen fine on the external monitor, but as soon as I click back into the laptop screen, the external screen goes back to windowed mode.  Is there a way to keep the external monitor full screen while I work on the laptop screen?  I know this isn't an OSX specific problem because I can do exactly this with every other streaming service I've tried (Netfilx, MLB.TV, Amazon, etc).  It seems specific to the Slingbox plugin.  I have tried this with both Chrome and Safari (latest versions with the latest Slingbox plugins).