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    New Chrome Plugin (Dec.) Is TERRIBLE. Please Fix


      Just got the new plugin installed in Chrome and it is TERRIBLE. Why break something good????


      VIdeo is choppy, my television is unwatchable, and this has crashed my display driver twice. I have not had problems before this update and have used my slingbox player over the web frequently. My PC meets the system requirements.


      What gives slingbox? When will you fix this?

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          You imply that your chrome plugin was working before?  Is your experience different when you use a Firefox or IE plugin?  I ask because I just got my Slingbox hooked up in Dallas.  I'm on assignment in Montevideo, Uruguay and used Chrome tonigth for the first time.  Exerpience was choppy.  But I have nothing to compare it to.  

          Running bandwidth tests concurrently from here to a Dallas NOC showed very little if any dropouts.... 


          It sure isn't as braindead simple as Netflix....  Have watched it with all browsers on all my computers/laptops without any real issues.

          I guess Slingbox is quirky. 

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            kentauta Newbie

            The new plugin released recently ( uses Microsoft-DTV-Decoder.  With this decoder, 1080p video tends to be choppy especially after sending a remote command.


            The previous plugin version (, which uses Sling-H264-IPP-Decoder, had no such an issue.


            Versions before were using Microsoft-DTV-Decoder which gives choppy video at 1080p.  I wonder why they chose to revert back to the decoder with a problem.