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    Slingbox Casts Established Customers Adrift? Why?


      I dont have a TV so watch my service through my slingbox pro on the web, using my mac OS 10.6.8.  Things are working ok until we got a manatory plug-in upgrade screen, boasting such things as the ability to "watch anywhere using your browser" which we already do (and dont know any other way to use the slingbox).   You cant really quibble with these mandatory things, but this time theres a heads up that i can no longer use my slingbox unless i upgrade my computers.  Apple offers a free upgrade to it's mavericks X OS, but there are too many horror stories associated with it (disables and/or causes problems with your apps, cpu works overtime, etc) - enough to want to wait for them to fix it in the next rev.


      Many of us established customers would just like to keep using our slingboxes they way they've been working and be able to decline newer revisions of the software.  If you choose to decline, then your box wont work - which is the same thing as the slingbox management casting you adrift without a paddle.  We can understand when software isn't being supported anymore, but why cant we keep using the software on our existing systems, since nothing was wrong with it? 


      This sentence in the terms covers whats going on with this, but it should be udated to be more clear,...

      "Sling Media does not warrant that the Software will meet your specific requirements, that the Software will operate in the combinations that you may select for use, that the operation of the Software will be error-free or uninterrupted, or that all Software errors will be corrected."

      It should say the management reserves the right to disable the software any time they like, which "May" render your investment useless.


      I hope the answer to my question proves i'm all wet on this presumption and has no basis in fact.  Please say its so: ... Is there any way to continue using my slingbox with the good plug in, or has slingbox chosen to end relationships with those existing customers using older operating systems?     People are right to question the business sense seen around here.