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    Slingbox PRO to Roku


      I have a Slingbox PRO and I can get it to stream through my Android app properly. However, when I click the button cast it to my Roku, the audio stays on my phone and the phone screen says, " You are currently watching TV with a Roku streaming player. Tap the icon next to the volume bar to watch on your mobile device." Meanwhile nothing happens on the TV? They are definitely connected because if I hit the cast button it stops whatever I am doing on my Roku and opens the Slingplayer App and if I quit the app on my phone, the app on my Roku quits as well.


      Any ideas? I talked with Slingbox and they said that my PRO is too old and not compatible, but he also told me that I shouldn't be able to get it on my phone anyway, so it seems like I am so close. Any ideas?