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    SlingPlayer for android and Roku No Video/audio


      Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.2 and a SlingBox Solo.

      I installed latest SlingPlayer for Phones on my phone and have the Slingbox channel

      added to my Roku 3. I have the Roku and my phone on the same wireless network.

      The Slingbox is connected to a wireless bridge in the livingroom. The router is in the

      computer room. I can watch the livingroom tv through the slingbox on the phone connected

      to either the wireless network(computer room router) or through the phones internet connection.

      When I put the phone on the wireless network, I get the symbol in the slingplayer app to transfer

      the video to my Roku. When I press it, it says its transfering the video to my Roku, and the TV

      screen goes black, but no video or audio from tv. The app on phone now says its playing on my tv

      but audio is still coming from phone, video on phone is gone. So the slingplayer app is definately

      seeing my Roku, and it is sending some kind of signal to the Roku, but no video or audio is making

      it to the tv. Any help on this would be appreciated. A summary is below.


      Verizon Fios Router in Computer room connected to an Airport Extreme(set in Bridge Mode) by Ethernet.

      Android 4.2.2 on Samsung Galaxy Nexus running latest SlingPlayer for Phones App

      Roku 3 with SlingBox Channel

      Slingbox SOLO in Living room connected to Airport extreme by ethernet.


      I have set the Fios router to port foward TCP 5001 to the SlingBox.


      I can watch slingbox on phone in wifi or verizon 4g with this setup.



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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey rayz007,


          I do apologize for the issues you are running into. Since you are able to connect on your phone but not able to send the video and audio over to your Roku device, I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application on your phone to see if this helps. If this does not help, I would recommend powering down both the Roku device and Android phone. If this is still unsuccessful, you could try disconnecting the Roku from the network and reconnecting it to see if the network connection just needed to be refreshed.


          This article will futher instruct you on how to uninstall and reinstall the application on your phone:


          If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-467-5464. We are open seven days a week, from 10:00am to 10:00pm EST.


          Best Regards,

          Sling Media Moderation Team