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    Video Source Button on Slingplayer Remote doesn't work...


      I have no problem with my (Cablevision) Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR.  And recently, Sling has added the Slingplayer Remote (codes) for my Roku Box.

      I plug in my Roku Box on the set top box's front panel auxillary input.  On the physical remote, all that I have to do in order to switch the input from the set top box's Cable Channels or DVR  to  my Roku Box (which is connected to the front panel input) is to push the "Video Source" Button on the lower left hand side of the remote control (below the PIP buttons) and it works fine.


      That button also appears on the (virtual) SlingPlayer on-screen remote, but it does nothing!!!

      Does anyone know why this doesn't work (and most importantly) how to get it to work.  What is the IR code for this "Video Source" button so I can switch it remotely, just like I can on the physical remote control...


      If I get this to work, the "worst" problem I will have is the inconvienience of having to switch remote control configuration from the Scientific Atlanta to Roku (and back again).