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    Can't get Denver dvb-c mpeg-4 hd tv-tuner to cooperate with PRO-HD


      Hi everybody,


      I have bought a digital tuner (Denver dvb-c mpeg-4 hd tv-tuner) for my TV and I would like to hook it up to my slingbox pro-hd as well.

      I can't find the model in the slingbox dropdown menu when trying to look for the model. I can only find the brand "denver" but the menu only appears with satelite models and not digital units!


      1) Does anybody, know a work around so my digital tuner can work on PRO-HD?


      2) If somebody can give me a hint so it will work, will I then be able to watch digital tv via my slingbox and on my normal TV on the same time?


      3) Does PRO-HD have a digital tuner that can be activated?