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    Loosing cable signal when Slingbox is connected


      Recently got Comcast service for cable and internet and bought a Slingbox to watch TV when I'm away from home. The first month worked great.


      Within the past 3 weeks, however, everytime the Slingbox is connected to the Comcast X1 HDDVR reciever via the component out port, the TV at home looses signal and I can't connect via Slingplayer.


      Comcast came out and replaced some old cable in the house to increase bandwidth capabilities; TV worked again. Connected Slingbox (not watching on sling player), cable crashes. Disconnect Slingbox, cable works.


      Anyone know if comcast is blocking Slingbox connections? I have searched quite extensively and found no problem quite like this.  I read some posts about port forwarding, but am not sure if this will work. Any suggestions or advice are greatly appreciated.