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    Slingbox and Roku


      I need to vent my disapointment! I just got on the slingbox wagon a week ago. Work great on PC. To make it work on Roku was a hassle. Felt like I was forced to buy the sling application on the app store just so that I can play it on the roku. But once I started playing it on the Roku I couldn't do anything else with my iPhone. Anything I tried to do will just disconnect the Roku.Why can't we have a native app for the Roku that doesn't take hostage my smart phone? And how can anyone else watch slingbox on Roku when I'm not there with my phone? Maybe they each have to buy the slingplayer app which COST $15? And why should I have to buy it the application twice if I ant to put it on my iPad and my iPhone? On top of that I have to do free advertisement for slingbox on Facebook? Please the least I ask is to liberate my device so I came a phone call while watching my slingbox.

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          I'm in the exact same boat.  I bought a Roku for my garage TV thinking I could stream to it.  Turns out my phone has to be on and I can't do anything on it or I lose the connection.  What happens when I get a phone call?  I lose the signal. 


          Roku, are you planning on updating the Roku app?  Or do I need to buy a Google TV device to get a native slingbox player?

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            Slingbox for Roku is very new, while I've been using the Slingbox App on iPad and iPod Touchs for a long time (and payed a lot more that $15).  The issue is in how the the Roku app appears to work.  While the Slingbox control interface in Boxee Box and NeoTV are much more difficult to use than in say the iPad (which like a PC, presents a replica of my remote control for my TiVO where it's connected and works fine (with expected delay), Roku doesn't have such an app that can connect to the Slingbox, and simply takes over the one-user service to the Android phone or iPod/iPhone connection.


            My issue is that once I connect the iPod Touch and can see the video and hear the audio, and then his the little box/arrow button and select the Roku on the iPod Touch, the iPod says that the service is ported to the Roku, and the Roku just presents a grey screen that says "Connecting".... and that's it!  No video or audio on the TV... just grey screen and "Connecting".







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              Poorly implemented.   Same for appletv. 


              They need to make a dedicated channel or this is a farce solution.  The GoogleTV solution is a far better implementation (and I've tried them all).


              The best experience short of the Slingcatcher is an htpc running the web-based sling player. 

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                  Im in the same position.


                  Having bought this setup, after reading "Sling was now available on Roku", i'm appauled to find a phone is also required.

                  The Roku and Slingbox should work together as a channel as you would expect. No other channel requires a phone.


                  Sling should be ashamed at this 'work around'  in what i can only conclude was a cheap way to be able to tie their name to Roku.


                  Any potential customers reading this who think Sling have a channel on Roku and Slingplayer works with Roku think again.

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                      At least it sounds as though some of you guys and gals can get it to work. I've been dealing with this same setup since the end of November and can't get it to work at all! I have 2 active trouble case numbers, one with Sling and one with Roku and neither one has a clue as to what is going on! I bought this specifically based on the ads I saw online and on the Roku itself to use for a beach home to eliminate the need for having to have multiple cable services. The Slingbox I might add works perfectly in that it will stream to my Android device or any laptop or desktop computer. But when you add the Slingplayer channel on Roku via the Android app it fails! The customer service I've received so far has been very lacking especially Roku's. I've explained and explained my issue over and over to these offshore folks and once this AM, after receiving an email for me to respond back to an update on my case sent by Roku tech support. Well just as I typed this post, I got a callback from Roku where they pretty much threw Sling Media under the bus, saying they were responsible for the development of the app and the Roku channel. The tech went on to say that Sling would have been responsible for this but would have developed adhering to Roku standards and approval. He said he would be in contact with Sling. Ok now rant over!

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                          Slingplayer for roku seems like a really simple concept...

                          but these guys have fallen flat on there face.

                          the slingplayer for roku is really just a portal for slingplayer on iphone or android to stream to, which suck if you phone goes to sleep, you loss the stream.

                          this also means the wireless signal goes to phone first then to roku. who wrote this app????

                          Also if you have a windows phone or some other phone then the Iphone or android then your just out of luck.

                          why does it not just work like slingplayer on my computer or phone or ipad. why is it just a portal or window for the phone to play to

                          Roku is suppose to be a better device then that. this app make the roku look week and useless.



                          Who ever wrote this app please fix it and make it work correctly so that it can be turly enjoyed.



                          Thank you.

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                      Sling Team - please at least respond.  It's abundantly clear that your users are NOT satisfied with this half-baked (more like 1/8th-baked) "solution".  There needs to be a proper and complete SlingPlayer app/channel for Roku similar to the GoogleTV/WDTV Live solutions.  I can't believe I purchased a Roku for this!  VERY ANGRY!