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    Freezing. No quality control


      I've recently installed Slingplayer on my Roku 3100X. Unfortunatelly the upload speed where I have my Slingbox 350 is limited, so I usually get at most 1.5Mbps -- BTW, my Roku is connected to Ethernet, my android phone is < 6ft away from the router, and I have a good Internet connection on this end.


      This allows me to watch my Slingbox stream decently on my phone, tablet and Mac, but it seems that the Roku always streams at a very high bandwidth, making the stream stop every 3-4 seconds. Is there way to lower the video quality?

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          TylerG Newbie

          Hi there, acansado!


               The controls for SlingPlayer for Roku remain on the screen of your smart phone, so you should be able to adjust your quality settings from there.


               Now, regarding the high bandwidth: your Slingbox is streaming to your phone (which uses download speed on your remote network), and then your phone streams to your Roku locally. This does use a bit of extra bandwidth.


          Hope this helps!


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