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    Roku support with Windows Phone 8 app?


      I just bought a Roku, hoping I could use it to sling my videos to it, but I was dismayed to find out that I needed either n Android phone or iPhone app in order to use my Slingbox with my Roku. (Why can't my Roku connect directly to my Slingbox without the assistance of a mobile device?)


      Windows Phone is not listed as supporting Slingbox's Roku slinging.


      Does anyone know when/if the Windows Phone 8 app will get Roku support?


      Should I return my Roku for a refund?

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          Did you ever get an answer on this?  I would like to buy a Roku as well to replace my crappy WDTV Live, but lack of Windows Phone support has me holding off.  I do agree that it is silly that it is required to have a phone, I don't understand why they wouldn't make it just work via the Roku itself, like it does on the WDTV Live.  I just think that Roku will offer better support than WD did.

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              Don't do it.  I upgraded to Slingbox M2 and tried to connect to my new Slingbox from my apartment to watch my Dish live TV.  My WD Live TV box will not connect to my Slingbox so I went to Best Buy yesterday and bought top of the line Roku 4 only to find out it will not connect to my slingbox.  So now I am screwed and out lots of $'s and am watching my football on my computer instead of my big screen TV.  No answers from Roku or Slingbox.

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                  It will work on Roku 4.  It didn't at first, but you have to search for the slingplayer app (not shown without searching), then add slingplayer as a channel.  Make sure you go to system > screen mirroring > enable screen mirroring.  I toggled bewtteen the two (enable/disable) to make sure it was enabled.  I also pulled power to Roku 4 for about 5 min, then powered up again. It worked after not being recognized.  You still need iPhone or android to connect and control channels. You will hit the screen icon to choose to play on your phone or your Roku 4.  Doesn't work when not recognized on the network.  For me, unpluggung for 5 min and rebooting seemed to do the trick after setting up new Roku, downloading SlingPlayer app on Roku channels, unplugging/rebooting Roku, and then selecting Roku screen from live Slingbox feed on my iPhone.