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    Bandwith Capacity Poor, Bitrate 40kbps


      Just recently I have been experiencing continous poor bandwith capacity through slingbox player on my windows pc, every time I first login and connect to my slinbox its says`my bandwith is excellent and I have a bitrate of approx 400kbps, but within a few seconds afterwards it drops to 40kbps and its too slow to watch anything. I can still succesfully download and stream other tv over the internet and after doing a broadband speed test over the internet I am getting 600/700kps download speed so I cant unterderstand why I am getting this limited 40kbps bandwidth through my slingbox which has been working well for 2 months while I have been in spain? I have tried changing thr quality settings from auto to high/best/better/low to see if it made any difference but I am still getting only 40kbps bitrate, I have left it back on automatic quality and I am extremly frustrated now as my sky+ box is getting very full and running out of recording space with no hope of me watching my tv. I am away until the 22nd of december in Forteventure and I only purchased my slingbox solo brand need before l left the UK in october and I have been happy with it up to 1 week ago when the bitrate and bandwith changed, I think the problem is with the slingbox player software because for the first 10 seconds I get a great picture with good bandwidth and a good bitrate but it drops shortly afterwards! Please advise.

      Silngox Solo

      Activated 02.10.13

      Firmare version 2.1.270

      Hardware version 1.299.3

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          TylerG Newbie

          Salutations, larryhurt.


               Does this happen on multiple devices, multiple browsers, and mutiple networks? If so, this might be due to an issue with your network at home. This would explain why only your Slingbox, which relies on your home network, is experiencing these bandwidth issues.


          Hope this helps!


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              I am also suffering since updating firefox pluggin for slingbox and using windows 7.


              Everything used to be just fine until recent weeks whereby updating the pluggin has caused very slow response from the on screen remote, sometimes around 7-10 seconds from keying the remote to it responding.

              The biggest problem now is we have a bitrate of around 3300kbps but bandwith showing as fair?

              This is causing the audio to stutter uncontrollably making the whole viewing process unbearable to watch.


              Ive tried viewing on my ipad and it works flawlessly, simirarly on another computer using XP were showing bandwith excellent and the audio is smooth and watchable so its not directly linked to our home network.

              The laptop with windows 7 and the problem with bandwith and audio stuttering has never been the same since updating the firefox pluggin some weeks back, we link this to our 40'' Tv via HD lead hence the need to get this sorted before the festive period which we are spending away from our home.


              Can anyone maybe help?

              thanks in anticipation