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    Nextbox 3.0 - Cisco 9865HD Setup


      We just got the new Nextbox 3.0 Cisco 9865HD PVR from our cable provider, Rogers. We can see and hear it with one of the remotes however, it is not the correct one. I just added a request for the proper remote. That's only part of the problem though. We are getting very low video resolution.  I'm not sure how it should be set up to improve this. Any help would be appreciated.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Some confusion here.   Seeing and hearing have nothing at all to do with the remote.   The remote is for controlling the device.  And the 9865HD is a standard Cisco 'Explorer' box that all use the same code so any of those should work.(You will wait months for it to be added to the supported list, if it ever is)


          And the actual image is also irrelevant, you can have any remote image you like and still operate the box.