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    Feature request: FAVORITES for Android phones


      FAVORITES for Android phones please!!!


      I can not for the life of me understand why this feature is not implemented in the Android slingplayer version? (the ability to chose predefined channels - called favorites). The favorite feature is available in the iOS version.


      Slingbox is one of my favorite products, but it's so difficult to change the channel on Android phones. Each time I start the Slingplayer for Android phones I have to go through my notepad and find the channel number of a couple of channels. If I then decide to see another program I have to disconnet the stream, open the notepad again, check the channel numbers, back into the slingplayer, connect to stream, wait, change channel - and if there are commercials running - I can start all over again .


      In the good all days, slingplayer could run in the background (maybe it was on iOS) but here I could at least multitask between the notepad and slingplayer. But the only user friendly version is to implement favorites for the Android phone version as well.


      I simply don't understand how all the users/customers of the slingplayer for android phones can live without this feature, with 100+ channels to choose from?


      Please, please implement this feature - as it is implemented for the iOS platform.


      Best regards,

      Peter True