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      The video keeps hanging up. Watching through iPad and Apple TV. Our lowest download speed is about 8mps and can be as high as 24mps.don,t know what the problem is. At slingbox location all good very fast internet speed.  Any suggestions? Than you

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hello ThePic,


          Thanks for using our answers forums. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with the video at a remote location. If all is working properly at the Slingbox location, it sounds like it may be an issue with the upload speed at the Slingbox location. The upload speed is equally important as the download speed where you are viewing the Slingbox. It will need to be at least 2 mbps to view in full HD quality.


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              i have read this is a problem with 3.1 and we just purchased the ipad and apple tv to use at remote location and we are having the same problem. Works great on my laptop, i am readu to give up om connected devises. I have tried neotv, wd tv and now apple tv with no luck. 

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              Zbonomo12 Novice

              Hello ThePic,


                   Thank you for utilizing our Slingbox answer forums. We are sorry for the issue you are having with the video freezing up while streaming with the iPad and Apple TV method of streaming. What you will want to check is the connection type to make sure you are streaming in a TCP connection type. You may also want to check the speeds to make sure you are getting a constant speed of 2.0mbps for upload on the network that the Slingbox is connected to. If you are not getting the speeds required you may need to contact your Internet service provider(ISP) to increase the upload speed


              I would also like to provide you with the article below. These articles will help you with finding out what is causing the issue:




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                Ive run into the same problem with Ipad Air & Ipad 4 sending video to Apple TV via airplay.  Its constantly getting hungup and/or buffering, i.e. unwatchable. My upload speed at slingbox location is over 5 mbps, with download speeds well over this.  Same situation where my laptop works perfectly under the same conditions.  Ive tried the various fixes recommened by Support, to no avail.   Direct to Ipad video is a little better, but not by much as it buffers regularly.


                I hope they address this very soon with a new software version.