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    Slingbox Pro + Android Tablet - will it work?


      OK, so the "compatibility" table indicates that Android Tablet s/w is "N/S" for Slingbox Pro rather than "N/A". Does this mean it can be run but Slingbox will not offer any support in case of failure to work? Anyone in the community had any experience of this pairing working? Like to know before I spalsh out £10 in the app, rather than £130 on a new Slingbox 350.

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          AcaCandy Newbie

          I run the slingbox app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and it seems to work fine with my Slingbox HD.

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            I have a Slingbox Pro and a Slingbox 500.


            A few years back when I first bought the Phone version of the app, my Pro would not work with the app. I then bought a 500 and after using the app for the 500, I could now use it for my Pro.


            So for years I've been using the phone version of the app to watch both my slingboxes on my phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab with no problem.


            I wanted to see how much "better" the tablet verson of the app was on my tablet, so I bought it. The 500 "looks" about the same on either app on my tablet, but the stream bandwidth on the tablet version is higher, so it probably is a better picture, I just can't tell.



            Now as for your actually question:


            The tablet version of the app DOES NOT work with my Slingbox Pro.

            Message I get:



            Slingplayer for Android is not compatible with your slingbox.

            Please visit www.slingbox.com to learn more about our

            upgrade program.






            I don't know if under certain conditions that it might work, but I have not found them.


            Good luck.