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    Favourites on Iphone 5


      Hi - just started using Slinbox and Slingplayer, and generally delighted.


      One question though - I've been trying to set favourites. I am using this with a Virgin Media Tivo.


      In the SlingPayer App, I am able to select the channels I want, it then asks me for the numerical channel.

      All looks good until I try and save the Favourites - then I'm told it has failed to save, and all I can do is to cancel.


      Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

      Thank you,


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          tricia.sling Newbie

          Hello Mcgillca,


          I will be happy to help you.  In order to better assist you, we really need to know what OS and application version you are using.


          If you could please provide that information we will better be able to assist you.


          Thank you,


          Sling Moderation Team