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    No DVR Button on iPad Remote... But Exists on PC/MAC Remote...


      I've owned several Sligboxes over the past several years, dating back to the original. And decided to get one of the new models (350) with the hopes of watching HD tv on my iPad while at home in another room (and while out of town too of course).


      Everything on the install worked perfectly. However, when I get to the iPad app, the "remote" that you get to use is extremely generic and is missing a good half-dozen buttons that are visible while watching on my laptop (i.e. back, next, back, forward, PVR, VOD, and guide).


      The PVR (aka DVR) button is the killer. If I cant access my DVR recordings from my iPad then whats the whole point?


      Is there a way I can get a more accurate remote on my iPad app?


      I have a Arris MP2000NA cable box/DVR though Wide Open West (WOW!) cable.


      Please help, thanks!


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          alanrichey42 Master

          Probably not.   If that default remote image appears on a PC/Mac you can right-click on the image and a list of 'extra' buttons will appear, probably including the DVR button.   Unfortunately, when the iPad app changed to show realistic remotes Sling omitted this feature.   Since the first version, they have added ways of accessing some of the buttons through extra drop down menus (all of which are actually available on the image), but have not added access to the Custom buttons which are not available on the image (logic of that totally escapes me).


          All I can suggest is you install the iPhone app and run it in x2 mode.  That still uses a dedicated set of remote controls which will include the Custom button and probably the DVR button.