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    Connecting 350 to TiVo Roamio 4-channel


      I purchased a Roamio 4-channel and note there is an HDMI connector and an A/V jack.  TiVo sells component and composite breakout cables for $25 including shipping.


      I tried my composite breakout cable from Apple that looks identical to the TiVo cable (specifically the 3-conductor jack that connects to the TiVo) and got no video output.  I suppose that could be due to some difference between the TiVo composite cable and the Apple one?


      I chatted with TiVo and the representative said that the Roamio won't connect simultaneously via the A/V port and the HDMI.


      I see on this forum, people say there is no problem using the Roamio with Slingbox.  But are they routing a component to the Slingbox and then component to the TV?  In other words, can HDMI be used on the TV and component on the Sling?


      Thanks for any help.