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    Has anyone else lost the Slingplayer Roku channel?


      Sometime last night the Slingplayer channel disappeared from my Roku3 box. And it is no longer available in the Roku channel store. So as it stands right now--the $15 Android app I purchased only allows me to watch shows from my TiVo on the phone itself. Does anyone know what happened? The only reason I bought the SB350 & app was to sling to another tv in my house via Roku. Apparently I can't do that anymore.

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          Yes, I have also as of yesterday afternoon.  Rebooted roku a few times and it didn't make a difference.  Really didn't want to do have to do a factory reset.

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            Ugh! First I had trouble with the Slingplayer for ipad app, that got fixed, now my Roku app is gone! Slingbox, why do you treat me like this?

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              Wow, I thought it was just me! I've been all over both the Roku and the Slingbox sites and nowhere is there information that the channel had been pulled, in fact the opposite - it is still being heavily promoted as a great feature of the Slingplayer. I just wasted an hour of my time I won't ever get back trying to troubleshoot. I sure hope they just reinstall when they rerelease - my Roku account still shows the channel as INSTALLED...

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                  I'm mad and relieved. I tested the connection away from home on Thanksgiving using my Android phone. It worked great. I leave for a business trip tmrw so I went ahead and forked out $14.99 for the "iPod" app so I can stream and not tie up my phone (given I can't use my "iPad" which I've already bought the sling app for (grrrrrr). Do you know how High my BP rose today when I couldn't find the channel and then the web site said that my Roku 2 XS was "NOT COMPATIBLE" for sling usage? Cust Support was nice and sympathetic, but had no answers and could only confirm that my device indeed should be compatible and they didn't know why the website would say that my device was not. I am now where I was on Thanksgiving, testing the system thinking maybe somehow it was my network. I've been at this for at least 3 hours now today on this issue. I started thinking I dreamed the whole thing. I'm SO glad to have finally seen this posting. Whew...thanks everyone. I'll just keep checking.  I'm sure I can't get my $$$ back for the iPod app. Hopefully the channel comes back soon. 


                  I just got a survey from Roku... CustSvcLady was nice enough, is it her fault that the info hasn't been passed on to the reps? (Tricky)

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                  Hey William (and all) -


                  I just wanted to pipe in and reassure everyone that this issue is now fixed. SlingPlayer for Roku is once again available! We don't have the full story on exactly what went wrong with the channel disappearance, but rest assured, the issue has been fixed and SlingPlayer is available on your supported Roku streamer.


                  Thanks - and apologies for the inconvenience!


                  The Sling Support Team

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                      Thanks so much for paying attention to the forum and fixing the problem in such a timely manner!

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                        Sling player app back on roku. Still no roku button on the android app. Both roku and android on same wifi network.  Nothing works. Seriously? Do u have a clue on what u r doing? Where is the support? Help.......

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                            Yeah well they may have "fixed the Roku channel on the streamer itself", however it still won't connect from the android app to the Roku device.If I try and connect to my Roku the android app tells me I need to install the app on the Roku and offers to retry the communication. When you watch the TV it brings up the Roku channel but doesn't connect. When I bring up the Roku connect in the Android app it gives me these choices: 1.) connect to the Android device, 2.) Roku 1, 3.) Roku 2. Beside the Roku choices there is a triangle with a ! inside of the triangle icon. I assume this to mean the devices aren't communicating.

                            I spoke to Sling Tech support for over an hour concerning this problem and was assured it was being looked at. The tech however wasn't totally sure whose responsibility the problem was, Roku or Sling Media.I also made a call to Roku tech support which was a complete waste of time.

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                              tangoklw Apprentice

                              Hi cookie7199,


                              If you don't see the Roku icon, you should try these steps:


                              • Stop streaming and start streaming again on the phone app.
                              • Reboot the Roku player (it may take up to 5 minutes after rebooting for the Roku to be discovered).

                              • Reset the Roku’s network connection.

                              Hope this helps,