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    Slingplayer says that I need an internet connection to proceed


      I cannot connect.  I am using the slingplayer stand alone version  I have no problem connecting on my Windows 7 computer, but on my Windows XP computer it says, "You must have an internet connection to proceed."  I do have internet.  My internet works fine for browsing.  This computer worked fine with slingplayer up until this morning.

      So, I went on to try to watch it on slingbox.com, and in google chrome, I got an invalid server certificate when attempting to log in.  In Internet Explorer, it says, "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."  So then I tried the facebook app.  In the facebook app, it just keeps initializing and never opens.


      I tried the following:

      Reinstalled the slingplayer desktop program.

      msconfig to turn off all services to check to see if there was a conflict with other programs.

      System Restore to a point last week when it worked properly.


      I can't figure out what else to try, and would appreciate the help.

      Thanks in advance for the help.