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    Double NAT or Not?


      I have a Slingbox Pro attached to a Sky 1Tb box which has been in use for several years with minimal problems. Early this week I noticed the network light had gone off. OK, so powered off and powered back on - network light flashed 3 times then died. I started searching for possible solutions and found the Symbi software which I downloaded. This is now telling me that my network has a "double NAT" - information showing against my router, and also against my Cyberlink player loaded on my Laptop. I find this difficult to believe as my network linked to BT Infinity only has a modem plus a BT Home Hub 3 - there's no other router on the system! Given that my Slingbox has been running OK on this network set up until a few days ago why would this "double NAT" now rear its head? There must be others out there with the standard BT kit that are not having issues. As I cannot get the Slingbox back on-line it's not possible to move on and check out any more settings. I have checked my anti-virus and firewall (again which has not changed recently) and they are all set to allow Slingbox full access, together with port 5002 (used as I have a Synology server that uses 5001) which is open for forwarding - pinged and declared open.

      As a last resort I have sent off for a new power source for the Slingbox as this was given as a possible solution when no network AND no chance to reset the box was being experienced. So until I receive this new bit of hardware and see if that resolves the issue, do any of you have any comments in relation to the "double NAT".

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          So an update on my Slingbox - replacement power source arrived today, swapped it over and like magic the box connected to the network! All now working OK. Symbi software still lies and tells me I am in a double NAT situation. Router detector software from the Port Forwarding website only finds one router and my modem to connect to the WWW..........so sorry Symbi, not sure what you are on! I was sceptical that the new power source would fix this, but obviously the Slingbox Pro must be very sensitive to the exact voltage / ampage etc.