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    Unacceptable failure again..........


      I bought a slingbox pro HD about four yrs ago. Last year the internet connection dropped   I replaced the power supply

      for $35 dollars and that solved the issue. Last week I noticed the same failure to connect

      to the internet. This is unacceptable. A device that cost $300. Several $30 apps. A $35 replacement power

      supply and still issues. UNACCEPTABLE!  I have promoted slingbox products to several friends

      and family. I am afraid to do this anymore.  It looks like my sling days are over



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          Same thing has happened to me....I bought the new power cord from them and my slingbox worked for 2 weeks, now doesnt work again.


          THEY ARE A RIP OFF.

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              Awe totally unacceptable. How about I called support in an attempt to have them send me a free power supply.

              I admit that. The rep told me  "since it's the third one it's probably a problem with the box. If You want to upgrade to

              The 350 or 500 we will give you a $30 credit."  What a JOKE!!!    Loved the Pro HD. Used it sparingly when I wanted it.

              Now it's gone for no good reason in my opinion. Oh well Directv is coming along with their place shifting technology. I'll be fine

              Without SLINGBOX.