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    Direct TV 3D upgrade killed remote


      Anyone else having issues after upgrading the receivers? The slingbox remotes now only turn it off/on, no guide, no menu, no channel +/-....nada, just off/on.


      Any help on getting this corrected?

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          eferz Expert

          I wonder if the firmware update might have changed the associated address to the remote.


          Setting a Remote Address

          If you have two HD DVRs in the same house, you may want to assign a remote address to
          each remote control. This will prevent the crossing of signals between one HD DVR’s
          remote and the other’s.


          1. If the HD DVRs are both in the same room, cover the area around  the shiny, dark plastic window on the front of one HD DVR. You can use a  piece of cloth, a magazine, or anything thick and opaque. This prevents  the HD DVR from receiving signals.
          2. Point the remote control at the HD DVR for which you want to set  the remote address.  Press the DIRECTV button, and select Messages &  Setup. Select System Information, and press the DOWN arrow until you  see Remote Address.
          3. Point the remote control away from the HD DVRs, and cover the  front end of the remote with your hand. Press and hold the PAUSE and  DIRECTV buttons until the red light at the end of the remote control  comes on and stays on when you release them.
          4. Point the remote control at the HD DVR for which you want to set  the remote address, and press the number “1.” Press the RIGHT arrow. On  the screen, the Remote Address changes to 1. Exit System Information by  pressing the DIRECTV button.
          5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the second HD DVR and its remote control,  pressing the number 2 for the second remote address.


          The remote controls are now set to send signals exclusively to the HD DVR for which they are addressed. You may want to label the remote controls so that you remember which HD DVR they control. Addresses 1 to 9 are unique. 0 is a universal address, meaning it will try to control any HD DVR that “hears” its signal.