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    Web slingplayer not using h/w acceleration (high CPU %)


      When I view the slingplayer on slingbox.com, cpu % is around 75% (quad core cpu laptop). Also the video is not full motion video

      and the audio stutters. This was working fine until recently. I have Windows 7 Pro.


      If I use the embedded Slingplayer (0.12.1025) it shows full motion video, and looking at the network metadata, it shows

      acceleration = true, but resolution = 1920x540 (1080i). Also CPU % is low (3 - 4 %).


      Why does the slingplayer on slingbox.com perform so poorly and without using hardware acceleration? Firmware = 1.4.32,

      WebSlingPlayer (Last Updated 11/19/2013)
      SlingPlayer (Last updated 10/01/2013)


      Is it due to webslingplayer attempting to play 1080p video? If 1080i (1920x540) is used through the embedded player, it plays

      smootly and low cpu %. Is this a bug ?