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    Quit working on ipad


      With the recent update my remote and controls are greyed when I click the the screen goes black and it doesn't respond? Works fine on my mac

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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello abeiswanger,


          Welcome to the answer forums. With the iPad application we were seeing some customer having remote issues. We have now released a new version of the Slingplayer that should have corrected all of these issues. Please uninstall and reinstall the Application on your iPad and make sure that it installs as version 3.1. If you are still seeing any issues please write back and we would love to help.


          Thank you,

          Sling Moderation Team

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              I have Slingplayer for iPad version 3.1 and it worked for a day after I spent the money buying the app.  I have seen a ton of complaints that Slingplayer hasn't worked since Thanksgiving. I purchased mine before Christmas and it still does not work.