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    Minimum Network Bandwidth for HD Viewing


      I would like further clarification on Slingbox 350 minimum network bandwidth for HD viewing, since on the website it is stated that the minimum speed for HD viewing is 2Mbps, but I think every Slingbox 350 user would agree that it is just not possible to achieve HD Viewing with speeds below 3.5 Mpbs without stuttering.


      When I bought my slingbox 350 I had the 2Mbps as reference for HD viewing, and in the past it was indeed possible to get a smooth HD viewing with speeds around 2.5Mbps which was fine with me but ever since the firmware was updated, the minimum speed seems to be now 3.5Mbps.


      In my case the bitrates oscilate brutally between 3000 Kbps and 5000  Kbps so, whenever it goes below 3.5Mbps we know exactly what will  happen.


      Such a critical modification was forced upon the client, and ever since my HD viewing experience was considerably downgraded.