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    Flashing Power Light




      The power light on my SOLO device is just flashing, every few seconds at a steady pace.

      Trying a reset does not work and there appears to be nothing I can do to get any life from it


      Any suggestions please?

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          I have the same issue I think. The box has worked for years without problems. Could access from PC, Laptop, Ipads etc. We recently had a power cut so not sure if this has done something.


          When I tried to conect I got an error message along the lines of no network connection to the box. Looking at the front the Network light was off and the power light was flashing rapidly like it was streaming data? I have tried pressing the reset button by holding it down for over 30 secs but it does not do anything.


          Not sure wat to do next? 



          Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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            craig.sling Novice

            Hello mattmartincouk,


            Welcome to the answer forums. With the Slingbox Solo, the power light should never blink. The article linked below explains the light behaviors.




            If this doesn't help, you can purchase a new power supply here:



            Hope this helps,

            The Sling Moderation Team