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    Remote Control Disappears After About A Second/ No Longer "Parks" in Full Screen Mode


      Since the last web client update (Windows 7), the on screen remote control operates differntly than in all prior versions. (Note: I have been a Slingbox user since the first Solo was issued and have been a beta tester on client versions of the player.)   Specifically, in the past the on screen remote control remained visible as long as the cursor hovered over a ky on the on screen emote control.  In the latest version, when in full screen mode, the on screen remote control disappears n about a second no matter where the cursor lies on the screen.  In the latest version, the remote control will reappear only if you move the cursor slightly.  So, for example, in the new version it is virtually impossible to click the skip forward/backward button multiple times.  This renders the full screen mode unusable for a wide variety of viewing options (e.g. skipping commercials, fast forwarding through sports shows, etc.).


      Slingbox engineers - HELP!  (I tried Tech Support....they said go to this Forum to get an answer.)

      Thanks in advance for your help with this.