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    Matt/Brett.Sling - can we have official word on 50/60fps support?

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      When the new Slingboxes were released I and many others were surprised and delighted to find that they could stream at 50/60fps at the highest Best HD setting with a 1080i source, and in the case of a 720p50 source could stream at 50fps at all resolutions (strangely a 720p60 source would only stream at 60fps at Best HD though).


      This hugely enhances sports viewing in particular, and the 720p50 multiple resolution support was particularly great because it meant with a modest bitrate (1000+) you could get a smooth and fluid SD picture if bandwidth didn't support HD.


      The latter functionality was lost with the last-but-one 350 firmware upgrade, and Matt.Sling stated it was being looked into. Since then another firmware update came out but disappointingly it wasn't fixed.


      Worse, the last Windows plugin has broken 50/60 fps streaming for 1080i sources too.


      Firstly, can the lost support be added back?


      Ideally I would like to see 50/60fps support available at all resolutions and both 1080i and 720p sources - but at least bring back the lost earlier support and extend it to all 720p60 streaming resolutions too.


      Is something on the agenda for this - for me, you have a great product but the higher framerate is what separated your product from the competition and indeed the newer boxes from the older ones. I actually bought two more 350s on the basis of the higher framerate support so it's pretty gutting to see this support being eroded.