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    Slingbox Pro-HD Loses Connection after Firmware Upgrade (1.4.60)


      Since I updated my Slingplayer, when I connected to my Pro-HD, it would prompt me to update the firmware. I finally got tired of seeing this message so I tried to update the Pro-HD while on the LAN. The automatic process completed and said it was updated - until the next time I connected when it would prompt again. So after about 5 tries, I decided to perform a manual upgrade. This failed due to a path issue that I resolved using the online forums. So far, so good, I was finally at 1.4.60. Since the upgrade I have not been able to use the Pro-HD. It loses the connection before it starts streaming. So I tried a power reset. No luck. So I performed the reset to factory defaults. Now when I start the SlingPlayer, it recognizes the new Pro-HD and asks if I want to configure it. The wizard starts and I make it partially thru the configuration process when it loses connection. I restart the Setup Wizard and it sees it as a new Slingbox. I am never able to complete the configuration process and save the settings to the box. I now have this lovely brick with some pretty red lights. Please Help!

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          Have a look at these links, you will be able to troubleshoot this issue by yourself.


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              I had seen all of these links before submitting the original post. Sorry I did the upgrade... but too late now. Guess I will have to take an afternoon off work, pay the money and call in to support. It is extremely frustrating that the device cannot be totally wiped and reloaded.

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                Dear Slingbox Support,


                Since taking the upgrade to 1.4.60 (Sep 26th), our Slingbox Pro-HD frequently searches for signal - something it never did prior to this upgrade. The slingbox upgrade was not smooth, a rest was performed as described in your documentation and the firmware was subsequently upgraded from the LAN successfully (according to your update).


                Our Slingplayer desktop applications were ungraded to 2.04.521 on each of our three laptops. Two latops are on MS Win XP Pro (SP2 and SP3 respectively); one laptop is on MS Win 7 Ultimate R2. All 3 computers have no other problems and the OS are completely up to date.


                The correct numbers for Sling firmware/software versions are reflected in our account and in the applications. Our Slingcatcher device has not yet been tried since we are traveling for another week and dependent upon our Slingplayer desktop appllications.


                The Slingbox has been isolated from the DirecTV receiver and the satellite receiver is functioning fine independent of the Slingbox Pro-HD.


                DirecTV provided local stations seem to preserve a better signal, however all DirecTV channels' signals behave in similar fashion. I.e., Slingbox reports the signal is lost and Slingbox recurrsively searches, frequently re-establishes the signal for short periods, then loses and cycles again searching and re-establishing.


                Our recordings are seriously affected. The recordings have a message that all or part of the programs did not record.


                Indeed, Slingbox device operation is wholly unsatisfactory as it is.


                Slingbox Pro-HD is vitrtually unuseable as it is.


                We are reliant upon the Slingbox solution for American TV and we have a substantial investment now underperforming its operating capabilities. Prior to this upgrade we have had a year of operation without issues with Slingbox or any of its components.


                The timing and symptoms on this issue unanimously track to the Slingbox 1.4.60 upgrade.


                1) Does Slingbox Support agree their upgrade contains this issue?


                2) What is Slingbox support doing to correct the problem that is related to your upgrade?


                3) What exactly changed in your schema and/or processing algorithyms that may have caused this issue?


                4) When may we see a fix tested and deployed?


                We rely upon slingbox, slingcatcher, and the slingplayer desktop application for our media. We live overseas. We upgraded while in the US near our devices and Home LAN. Now we are remote and cannot return to our LAN for another year.


                We see several issues on this forum and no substantive Slingbox Support resolutions yet published.


                We love your products, they have been a huge contributor to our quality of life serving overseas.


                We eagerly look forward you a fix from Slingbox that can be applied remotely - and soon.



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                Fall is here and I thought I would try once more to get my Slingbox Pro-HD working. I totally reset the box. I then loaded the web version of the slingplayer and it recognized that it needed a firmware upgrade. It went thru the upgrade process to 1.5.170, rebooted and now it works perfectly. I again have use of my Slingbox Pro-HD.